About Us

Vern and Martha Powers started Telco Wiring & Repair in 1986 after Vern retired from AT&T. After a few months of retirement, some of Vern’s old Bell System/AT&T customers wanted him to take care of their telecommunication needs. By this time, both Vern and Martha were ready for Vern to go back to work.

In 1988, they had grown the business to the point where they needed help. so they brought their son, Dusty, to help. He had just spent 9 years at the Washington Public Power Supply System as a Nuclear Security Guard. So his experience was extremely helpful, especially when it came time to lock up at night. About a year later, their other son, Herb, joined the company after four years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.

The company has grown to seven full-time employees and has seen communications technology go from analog PBX’s to where telecommunications is no longer limited to voice, but also includes data transmissions, internet, and Point-to-Point data connections.

Telco Wiring is an Avaya Business Partner. We believe in providing telecommunication systems to small and large businesses at an affordable price. All systems are backed by a no-hassle warranty and Avaya’s award winning customer support.

Our telephone systems range from the Avaya Partner ACS, which is a low price point system for the small business, to the Merlin Magix, for businesses with up to 200 telephones. The newest offering from Avaya is the Avaya IP Office, which is an Internet Protocol enabled system that can take advantage of either digital telephones or the IP telephone sets that can be ran over your existing computer network. We have a system that will work for you, whether you have 2 employees or 200

We also install telephone and data wiring. This includes Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6, Coax cable, Fiber, and outdoor plant cabling. We offer a 5-year guarantee on the workmanship for all wiring installations. All Cat-5 copper and fiber optic cabling is tested to meet industry performance standards with the results provided to the customer. With our experience and options on the transport media we have available, we can meet nearly any need that you might have.

Telco Wiring has diversified further to better serve our customers. We are now offering high-speed internet services and Point-to-Point high speed data connections via fiber using the new fiber optic networks installed by the Benton and Franklin County PUD’s.

We have just recently become an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This service is limited to customers that have access to the Broadstream fiber network, either by a physical connection or through the Broadstream wireless network. We are excited to have this new opportunity to not only grow our business, but to also help local businesses take advantage of today’s E-commerce economy by providing communication “From Your Wall to the World”.