Communication wiring is the nerve center for any building. It carries information for both internal and external communications and is a crucial part of building design and function

If a reputable contractor using quality materials and employees installs your wiring properly, your internal cabling should remain serviceable for the life of your building, or until you decide to change to a new transmission media due to changes in technologies.

The materials we use are manufactured by some of the most respected industry leaders in communications. Some of the materials we use, such as cabling wire and hardware, are manufactured by Avaya, Commscope, Belden, and other name brands.

You won’t find wires being supported by staples or other unapproved methods. Each and every job is installed in accordance to the EIA (Electronics Industry Association) standards. We only use hardware that is designed and approved for use with high-speed network wiring.

Each and every wire run is tested to assure you that our installations will meet the performance standards in effect today. You are guaranteed a 100% pass rate so you can be sure your wiring is done correctly the first time. You will be provided a copy of the test results so you have a permanent record to assist you and your network administrator in troubleshooting any networking problems.

We design your wiring project with you in mind. You don’t want to have to be dependent on us for your everyday moves and changes. We label each run so you can make your changes without expensive service calls. Even though we encourage you to be self-sufficient, we are always happy to help you if you have problems.